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How to Help

We embrace your stories, photos and memories of Dorian,

please add to our Memories page.

For those asking how you can help during this unimaginable time,

please love and share Dorian's music with the world and if you can,

you're invited to contribute to his memorial fund.

Much love,

Ben, Liz and Judah

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Dorian Kweller Memorial Fund

The Dorian Kweller Memorial Fund will help to pay for the following projects and services…


1. Design/commission/build a statue or monument to represent the life and persona of Dorian Zev Kweller. This will be a public piece of art most likely located in Dripping Springs or Austin, TX.


2. Design and build the Kweller family cemetery. This will be a small family plot located on the Kweller family ranch in Dripping Springs, TX. Dorian will be the first to be laid to rest there. The public will have reasonable access to this site.


3. Management and maintenance of the Kweller family cemetery. This will be an ongoing project to keep the site clean and enjoyable.


4. Grief management and family therapy for Ben, Liz and Judah. If you know the Kwellers then you know that they were a very tight-knit family of 4. They will need to learn how to move on without Dorian. 


5. Charitable contributions to various Music and Skateboarding entities. Donation made in the name of Dorian Zev Kweller.


Dorian Zev wrote and recorded songs every day. A true poet from the day he started speaking. Only a few of his recordings were released but he was on a path and excited about his journey.


Please keep his spirit alive with your memories and the music he made.

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